Emergency Services




Access Control

Burglary Repairs
Be Safe Security provides emergency repairs for clients who have experienced a break-in. We're experienced in making premises secure using all kinds of different techniques. We can often fix the problem, make a property secure, and return the same day and replace un-repairable items such as split doors and damaged frames.

UPVC Locks Repairs
The majority of UPVC doors tend to be white, plastic, looking doors. They have also been known to be clad in wood. These doors are robust, however can be problematic if not treated with care. Like all other doors, these doors can drop, expand and contract, all of which can affect the locking mechanisms. UPVC mechanisms can be very complex locking systems. Be Safe Security has the experience to resolve all UPVC lock problems. We have the ability to resolve most problems on site and at the very least will always leave you secure.